A big year for co-op sales, but 2015 could be lean

2 days ago

As agricultural cooperatives set sales records nationally, the growth is reflected closer to home.

Harvest continues as dry days return

3 days ago

Wet spring and now a wet fall lead to late harvest.


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Blog: Giant pumpkins are a labor of love for the Moshers

3 days ago

For the Moshers, growing giant pumpkins is a rewarding hobby.

Harvest of Change: Oculus VR creates virtual reality farm experience

5 days ago

Oculus VR’s Harvest of Change goes far beyond the farming video game.

Farm and Dairy’s week in review: 10/25

6 days ago

The top stories from the week Oct. 19-Oct. 25, 2014.

Two superfoods to grow indoors during cool weather

6 days ago

Microgreens and sprouts are two superfoods that are easier to grow indoors and produce a crop much quicker, in as little as 5 days.

Teams from Ohio State and China exchange visits to gain knowledge

7 days ago

Working towards long term cooperation, a team of Ohio State Extension and the China’s Ministry of Agriculture exchanged visits to each other’s countries.

Chronic wasting disease confirmed in Ohio captive deer

7 days ago

First case of chronic wasting disease confirmed on Holmes County preserve. No evidence the disease affectshumans.

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