Guns, loaders, ammo, and misc.


2733 Co. Hwy 330, Nevada, OH 44849


Abbott Auctions


Wed., December 31, 2014


Starting at 11:00am




Starting at 11:00 AM


Winchester 42 410 new in box, Marlin 39 22cal, Marlin 1893 30-30, Winchester 1873 44wcf, Winchester m12 20g and 12g’s, Winchester 42 410 engraved, Winchester 1886 45-70, Winchester 1894 30wcf, Winchester 1892 44wcf, Remington drop block, Winchester 94 44-40 Cheyenne carbine, Winchester 94 30-30 legendary lawmen, Colt match target 223 with 22 barrel, Remington 1100 28g, Winchester 94 38-55, Winchester 1873 38wcf, Winchester 1894 38-55, Winchester 1894 30-30, Remington 1100 16g, Colt Frontier Scout 22cal, Colt 1911 45, Hi Standard 106 22cal, Hi Standard GB 22cal, Hi Standard GD 22cal, Hi Standard sharp shooter 22cal, Springfield armory 1911 45, Iver Johnson tip up 22cal, Sharps carbine, Colt 1991A1 45, Kimber Custom 2 45, Lefever Arms 16g, Marlin 1895 45-70 new in box, Eclipse 12g dbl, Mossberg 5500 12g, Remington 514 22cal, Mossberg 42b 22cal, Chiappa 1873 22cal, S&W 25 45colt, Ruger GP100 357mag, Colt New Jersey Frontier 22cal, Ruger Vaquero 45lc, Ruger Blackhawk 357mag, Heritage Rough Rider 22/22mag, Bryco 380, Ithaca 49 22cal, Marlin 1894 357mag, Henry Big Boy 45lc, Henry Golden Boy 22cal, Taurus PT22, Taurus 85 38cal, S&W 5903 9mm, Remington 700 22-250, Ruger 22/45 22cal, Tanfoglio Witness 45, Winchester 70 264win mag, Howa 1500 243cal, Ruger Ranch Rifle 223cal, Remington Peerless 12g o/u, Mouser 98 376steyr, Weatherby mark 5 460, CZ 550 Safari magnum 416 Rigby, Winchester 70 300mag, Mouser 98 350rem, Savage 750 12g, Franchi 12g o/u, 2 Winchester 94 30-30, DPMS A-15 223cal nib, AR-7 Explorer 22cal, Colt Challenger 22cal, Taurus m44 44mag, Tressitu TZ99 9mm, Taurus tcp380, Stevens 58 410, ITM Ak74 7.62×39, Winchester 70 375H&H, Remington 11-87 12g combo, Remington 12g dbl, 2 DPMS a-15 223cal lower receivers, DPMS a-15 308cal lower receiver, Ithaca 37 featherlight 16g, BRNO VZ24 30-06, Beretta 950 6.35cal, H&R Pioneer 22cal, Breda 12g auto, Ruger super Blackhawk 44mag, S&W sw40ve 40cal, Colt New Frontier 22cal, Winchester 1906 22pump, Winchester 52 22 target with Lyman scope, Winchester 97 with fancy wood, Kruppstahl side by side 16g with 38cal rifle underneath, Davenport arms 10g single, Stevens 44shot rifle, 2 Springfield m-1 receivers and barrels, Mossberg 500 410, Kodiak 290 22cal, Winchester 12 12g, Winchester 74 22cal, Winchester 72 22cal, Ruger 22/45 22cal, and more coming in; will be 120 guns in this auction. Ammo, scopes, tank scope, New Hornady lock & load ammo plant and other loaders watch website for pictures and updates on auction

Preview will be held Tuesday December 30th 8am to 12pm and 4pm to 7pm

Terms- Cash, check or credit card. This is an FFL licensed gun auction; background checks will be done.



419.563.8038 • 740-482-8109



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