Sat., April 22, 2017 at 9:00am

Aaron Mast, Auctioneer
Auction Venue

17219 Swine Creek Rd.

Middlefield, OH

Middlefield, OH•Sat. April 22, 2017

starting at 9:00 AM

40 Year Accumulation

Antiques & Collectibles AUCTION

17219 Swine Creek Rd. Middlefield OH. 44062

Railroadiana, Advertising, Tools, Padlocks, Books, Bottles and More

Lots and lots of Tabletop and Showcase Antiques

Collectors, Vendors, Ebayers …..Don’t miss this Auction

Hulkill Hunter Brass Top Lantern (Made by Ohio Lantern Co.); Polarine Stanocola Porcelain Motor Oil Sign; Original Yasgar’s Farm Milk Bottle (Woodstock), Bethel N.Y.; Large Rotating Cast Iron Bell by Eagle Bell Co., Lebanon Pa. (Rare); 6”Brass Trolley/Streetcar Bell; National Brass Cash Register Mod. 313; Custer’s Last Stand wood framed Sign; Rare Dr. Legaear’s stock remedies; Veterinary horse bit; Small B-D Fever Thermometer Display Case.

Railroad: 25+ Railroad lanterns including, P.R.R, C&NW, N.Y.C, Lehigh Valley, I&GN, B&O, S.P.CO, P.C.C and S.T.L. (Most with Cast globes); Large assortment of Railroad Locks; Switch Keys; assorted misc. locks including LS&MS, CRI&P, DL&W, PRR “Potato Lock, B&D and more; Stock Certificates; Express Bills from 1800’s; Moody’s and Poors Manuals; Telegraph sounders; PRR Employee Badge; Buttons; Cap Badge; Dining Car Items; Oiler; Water Can; Signal Lenses; Shovels; Tokens; 1840 $5 Ohio Railroad; Stock/Check; Cast Iron PRR Whistle Sign and more

Stoneware: Palatine; W.V. Jug; Donaghho; 2 gal Crock; 3 Mini Advertising Jugs; Fruit Jars and more

Bottles: Embossed Amber Flasks; Blob Top Sodas; Hutchinson’s Medicine; Inks; Milks and more

Insulators: Assorted colors and styles such as Amber, Green, Carnival and Purple

Advertising: Stanocola sign; Railway Express Agency Sign; Budweiser Custer’s Last Fight; Automotive; Railroad; Beer: Lighted Budweiser Clock and more

Fruit Jars: Amber; The Pearl; Mountain Mason; Mason’s Union (Shield) Millville; Porcelain Lined; Midgets and more.

SadIrons: 30+ including Alcohol, Sleeve; Polishing; Laundry; Charcoal; Assorted Trivets

Watches and Jewelry: 10K and 14K Rings and Earrings; Sterling pieces; Lady’s Omega watch; Men’s Gruen, Tissot and more

Tools: Stanley, S.S. & Davis; Cast Iron Levels; Assorted wood planes by N Tabor, S.H. Bibiohaus, J. Colton, M. Chapin, JB Lamb, Winchester and more

Misc: Glass Gun Flasks; Mini Advertising Crocks;; Old Food Choppers; Cast Cigar stand; Father John’s Box; Misc wood crates; Old Sword; Old Photos; Postcards; Assorted tokens and coins; Advertising Rulers; Blue Glass Bell System; Metal Toys; Cast Fish Scaler; Deere Wrench; G.A Kelly Plow Wrench; Longhorn bit; Brass signs; Light Fixtures; Firkin’s; Brass School Door Knob; Cast Vestal Damper Ash Tray; Powder Horn; Small Watercolors- E.H. McFarlane 1890; CCC&I Railroad stocks; R.R. Express Way Bills; Barn Lanterns; Advertising Aprons; Sargent Tool C.I Basket; Advertising Shoe Knife w/ pouch; Ammo and Ammo Boxes; MM Letter Head; Smith & Wesson Gun relic; C.I IH Part; Maritime Trunk; Carpenters Chests; 40+ Antique Padlocks (non railroad); World Fair items; 1894 Cleveland Convention Photos; Old Crank Telephones; Gutta Percha Civil War Era Photos; and still unpacking!!!!!!

Lunch Stand Available

Terms and Conditions: Cash, Check, and/or Credit Card. 5% Buyer’s premium added to total purchases.

Auctioneer: Aaron Mast



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