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Some farm activities require a construction storm water permit

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Agricultural and silvicultural activities, including, orchards, cultivated crops, pastures, range lands, and forested lands, are exempt from Storm Water Regulations. However, you are required to obtain a permit to build manure storage structures, erect/demolish buildings, or build ponds that are used for anything other than irrigation, and other related construction activities.

Construction storm water permit requirements for agricultural projects

Monday, May 3, 2010

What is a Construction Storm Water Permit? I know the answer to this one because for the last five years it has been one of my major responsibilities as an Urban Technician for the Stark Soil and Water Conservation District. A Construction Storm Water Permit is part of the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s National […]


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Tyson Lamielle is district technician with Stark Soil and Water Conservation District. Lamielle began his career with Stark SWCD in January of 2005. He graduated from Muskingum University with a bachelor’s degree in earth science. Prior to joining the district, he worked in construction.