Tuesday, July 25, 2017
frost free water tank

A little planning and work in the fields now could save you time during the busy grazing season.

Loss associated with feeding hay to livestock may be much more than just storage loss if precautions are not taken to reduce waste during the feeding operation.
Cover crops field

What if planting a cover crop or alternative forage could provide an ecological, environmental and economic advantage to livestock and grain producers?
large round hay bale in field

The costs of having a forage analysis are well worth the expense and effort when feeding, selling or purchasing forages.

Not only do cover crops improve soil quality and protect against leaching and nutrient runoff, but also they can make a great second crop.

Winter is quickly approaching, but there's still time to get your forage inventory in order.

The next few weeks provide an opportunity for seeding forages.

Beginning in June, we tend to see a transition on our pasture management.
poison hemlock

Every year I get questions from livestock owners regarding poisonous plants; either for identification or for information on how to manage around a known poisonous plant.

Chew on this: Animals, regardless of species, will adjust their bite size to harvest about 50% of the existing pasture height in front of them.
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