Tuesday, August 22, 2017
Holstein dairy cows

2015 came to a close pretty much the same way it started: disappointing milk prices and negative margins.
cows in milking parlor

We are starting 2016 with Class III milk prices dipping into the $13 per hundredweight (cwt.) range for multiple months in the futures market.
Jersey dairy freestall barn

The winter is a great time for farmers to attend one of our many Extension programs to help them finetune their operations.

Some of our beliefs about food and fat may need to be reconsidered.
Holstein dairy cows

Production management and business management is a partnership on successful dairy farms.

If you must work the holidays, here are some tips to make it go as smoothly as possible.
acres of land

Tight profit margins will be big on the minds of producers in 2016, and could affect rent and land values.
college students and technology

Even with technology, this next generation is borderline clueless of what it takes to produce food, and even more clueless at what it takes to feed 7+ billion people on a daily basis.
DairyPalooza cow clipping

At the right moment and time, you can and will be an extremely influential mentor and you may never know when that teachable moment is within your grasp!
calf just born

Hey dairymen, the free eCalving app is available for touchscreen mobile devices.
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