Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Alan Guebert reflects on the meaning of community in today's world.

The more the American meat and milk sectors industrialize, the more these key parts of American agriculture resemble industry itself.

The delicious food and lovely sights of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island are hard for columnist Alan Guebert to forget.

Capitol Hill farm policy players are staking out negotiating territory in the upcoming 2018 Farm Bill fight.

Agrochemical Industry mergers are likely to adversely affect competition.

Alan Guebert longs to go back to the farm he grew up on every September.

Continuing on today’s deadly consumptive path will deplete the world's resources in less than 500 years.

Large chain producers threaten prices, dominate food industry.
Rural Road

Today, 61 million country-living Americans are more reliant on our nation’s less reliable bridges and roads for access to their jobs, education, healthcare, and family than are their urban cousins.
Meeting with Japanese ambassadors

For better or worse, the U.S. farm economy is deeply tied to trade.
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