Thursday, August 17, 2017

Can James Turvey stump us with his leather and wood items? The only way to find out is to Hazard a Guess!

Farnsworth strikes again! This latest wooden contraption is a mystery to all of us. Anyone know how it was used?

Can you help us solve McChesney's mystery tool? We would love for you to Hazard a Guess at this week's metal tool.

Hello from Hazard! W. Dave Marshall, of Seaman, Ohio, was quick to tell us what Item No. 1057 was: It’s a clinch cutter, made by...

This metal tool was found in a shed but its owner doesn't know what it is or how it was used. Can you help him figure out this Champion Tool?

Help us identify this flea market find. This wooden tool was found in Washington County, Pennsylvania and its owner could use some help identifying it.
Hazard a Guess item for May 19, 2016

This metal tool was found in a shed by Dick Kind of Slippery Rock, PA but he isn't sure what it is. Can you help him figure it out?

What has a red coil and metal frame? This week's Hazard a Guess challenge! Give us your best guess as to what it is and how it is used.

This item is beautifully covered in filigree scrollwork. It's a pity that no one knows what it is! Can you hazard a guess?

What is metal, extends to be 14 inches long, and is inscribed with "Chicago, Ill."? Show us you're the experts and hazard a guess!
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