Tuesday, June 28, 2016

One very spry lady once unknowingly taught me where the term “dirt poor” originated.

Back when a tetherball was all it took to entertain.

Back before caller ID, being anonymous was a reality.

Acting fast saved the calf, and impressed the veterinarian.

Is anyone else watching "The Incredible Dr. Pol," televised on National Geographic channels? It's become columnist Judie Sutherland's winter treat.

A publication sits on my desk regarding regulations in the holistic food market, with all sorts of subsets of considerations listed in a long article.

A downed tree could be the scene of our latest play while doubling as our picnic table.

Not long ago, I had a chat with a wise old fellow, who said he watched so many wide, open farms disappear in to buildings and driveways and parking lots over his lifetime.

When I was a toddler, my maternal grandfather decided his four little granddaughters needed the experience of bottle feeding a lamb.

Childhood television shows and values have all changed — significantly.
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