Tuesday, May 3, 2016

I’ve had my smartphone for almost three years (that’s practically a golden anniversary in the tech world), and I have become that person who, when faced with a new challenge or task, says ‘I think I have an app for that.’

I’m a dog lover who doesn’t necessarily always like dogs.

This conversation is about knit pants. Let me repeat that: knit pants.

When you're not feeling well, use some common sense.

The thing I love about political season is … nothing. Not a single blessed thing. How is this possible?

We’ve all seen — and sometimes shunned — them.

The accident happened, as these things always do, simultaneously fast and oh-so-slow.

You would think someone who loves eating and all things relating to food as much as I do would be nuts about lunch.

Picking ear corn was an historical time.

I like about writing for public consumption. This is opposed to, say, how I started out which was just forcing these missives on my grandmothers who are contractually obligated to find me fascinating.
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