Tuesday, June 27, 2017
harvesting soybeans

U.S. corn prices, which have been trading somewhat independently of the beans, have not seen the gains of the soybeans, following the recent USDA report.
combining soybeans

Currently corn and beans are at odds with each other, and we are struggling to explain this.
uncovered wheat

The new year will be interesting, as markets continue to change.
sun through corn field

The new year will hopefully bring some new opportunity in the markets.
harvesting corn

In grain marketing, the history that sometimes repeats is the history of bad marketing decisions. When will we learn?
Corn snow

The problems in the grain markets have to do with weather in the Southern Hemisphere and the price hangover we can’t seem to recover from.
rural farm scene fall

The return of corn prices to the high side is exciting, but the huge crop will continue to moderate any price gains.
Corn snow

The first dose of cold weather and snow stops harvest, for a while.
New Holland corn combine

Election news continues to dominate everything, including the grain markets.
harvesting soybeans

The U.S. grain market expected cheap prices because of the big corn and soybean crops, and got the worst over with. We have actually rebounded nicely from the lows, says grain merchandiser Marlin Clark.
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