Saturday, August 19, 2017

Learn more about the chorus of insects whose songs fill summer nights, and the end-of-season sights yet to be seen.

Modern farms that are aware of changing consumer preferences have been able to find success by adapting.

Farming in Canada's Yukon territory offers many challenges, but also offers high heaps of hope for adventurous souls.

A local FSA office recently enjoyed dipping ice cream at the Ice Cream Barn for its county fair.
soybean harvesting

What does USDA think we will see for crop production? Everyone is waiting for the latest report on Aug. 10.

Online farmers markets showcase fresh food from multiple farms within a defined geographic region, such as a single county or tri-county area.

Recognize this antique tool? Let us know what it was and how it was used!

Remember fluorocarbon? Yep, it is a preferred fishing line of the present and future and here’s why.

Researchers working deep in the forests of Venezuela rediscovered the Tachira Antpitta, a brown bird not seen since it was first recorded in the 1950s.

Good pasture management and integrating several control strategies will be more successful than relying on one single method.
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