Sunday, February 7, 2016

I have always enjoyed conversation with those who enjoy growing as well as hunting their own food. There is an insight that goes beyond the typical, because for each of them, this became a conscious choice at some point in their lives.

It must be because of the "aging process" -- med-speak for growing old -- but little annoyances are doubly annoying.

Like most people, radio stations, diner conversations and forecasters, the talk of late has been about the dreaded wet weather we have been experiencing....

When the water warms, the big stripers return to the Chesapeake Bay to spawn. A limited number of giants are taken there each...

What a difference a year has made. Last year we were in the middle of one of the nicest spring planting seasons on record. Now, this year's spring is making a run for the record books as one of our all time worst springs.

It is amazing how many people I talk to along the way of life that are looking for “peace.” About the time we think things are getting better, we tune in to the daily news and find out differently. All the things that are going on around our world seem to be filled with bad news.

The graduate. She has deep blue eyes, a gorgeous smile, and her senior class superlative is “prettiest hair.” That makes sense. She does have the prettiest hair. It’s a gorgeous shade of deep, natural red. This was true even when she was mostly bald and later, briefly, when it all sort of fluffed around her head like a vibrant dandelion puff.

College campuses never lack for opinion. Regardless of the subject, if you search hard enough, you're certain to find a slant.

It hardly seems possible that in 2011 new species of vertebrates continue to be discovered or rediscovered.And I'm not sure which is more exciting...

There were two different Ney companies in Canton in the late 1800s and early 1900s, both making hay tools such as barn hay forks, carriers and track.
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