Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Don't get the "facts" on Marcellus Shale drilling from your neighbor. Trust, but verify.

Channeling Little Orphan Annie and Gone With the Wind to stay positive in this grain market.

Over the next few months, soil and water conservation districts will be having their annual meetings and open houses. These events will showcase all the conservation activities within the district for the past year.

Children are never too young to develop an interest in birds. By age three, my daughters could identify towhees and cardinals by sight and...

The Supplemental Revenue Assistance Payments Program was authorized by the Food, Conservation and Energy Act of 2008 to provide assistance to producers suffering crop losses because of disasters.

For a dairy farmer, the fall season is a critical time. Within 45 days, all forage should be harvested. For some areas, forage harvest has already been completed for one to two weeks.

The wet spring and early summer weather has led to many questions regarding hay quality and the factors beef producers should consider when planning their cow wintering programs.

I arose early this morning, plugged in the coffee pot, turned on the morning news, poured a cup of coffee and then I realized...

Good writing deserves good reading and not just one time through, but time after time. That's the best way to describe a recent release...

She is sitting on the bench. Her spine straight, her head erect, but her shoulders ever so slightly slump. If you didn't know her, you'd never see it. If you do know -- and love her -- you do. On this team, you do time on the bench primarily if you are a girl.
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