Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Trying to go from breakfast all the way until supper, I'm reminded, again how much better off I'd be "grazing" through the day with several light meals and snacks rather than two bigger meals.

As I was washing dishes in the kitchen Sunday afternoon, the TV in the next room provided some background noise.

Imagine a couple thousand research and extension types from all over the world in one place. No, not the plot for the latest horror movie, but a description of the Cincinnati Convention Center last week.

There are people who walk the path of life so graciously, so quietly, that we sometimes don't stop to celebrate the enormity of their presence.

Late summer is an excellent time to establish forages. The following steps will assist producers in successful renovation and establishment of grass fields and legumes.

Every person should have at least one breathless, wide-eyed memory of summer. Leaping off a sun bleached wooden dock; casting a line into an icy clear Midwestern lake; clinging blindly to an out-of-control paddle boat with the sickening realization that you are heading straight for a monstrously large shoreline poison ivy patch.

One Saturday when my brother could lend me his help and his pick-up bed, I finally brought home the three-seater swing complete with awning in a color scheme I could live with (no large patterns with flowers or leaves), that I'd purchased weeks ago at a summer clearance price.

Most freelance writers are born moochers. With no corporate travel budget behind them and a flood-or-dust income stream in front of them, the art of mooching - traveling, dining, drinking and vacationing on other peoples' tabs - quickly becomes a way of life.

Eating healthy in today's world can prove to be a major challenge. I just ran across a very old book in my collection which has intrigued me.

As usual, I'm ahead of the curve in all the wrong ways. Just once I'd like to be the first to buy the next hot stock, embrace the next fashion-forward look, or even have the season's hottest salad dressing on my plate before anyone else (Lime Kool-Aid vinaigrette anyone?).