Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Man's best friend is a title that seems to fall short. Few best friends have ever blessed me with such reverence as the dogs who have walked this life with me.

While American taxpayers await an accounting on the billions sent to the Gulf Coast to clean up Katrina's devastation, USDA already knows the tab for four emergency programs hastily designed "to further reduce stress on the grain transportation system" caused by the storm.

Regarding the subject of etiquette, I once read that rules for social behavior don't exist to control people, but rather to make everyone feel comfortable.

The month of August offers a window of great opportunities to get a jump on pasture planning and development.

I posted the Web site Braingle on my online home page because, like the site says, you exercise your body to say physically fit, so why not exercise your brain to stay mentally fit? It suggests using the Phonetic mnemonic system as one exercise to boost memory.

Unlike Mark Twain's quip upon reading his obituary, my early July "RIP Doha" column was neither premature nor exaggerated.

I think that I shall never hear the term "tourist season" without imagining the term being akin withs, say, "deer season," "duck season," or "open season.

We sweltered as the summer sun fastened its hot rays on the west side of our house. I tried not to move around much that afternoon and found things to keep busy - folding clothes that weren't put away and trying to come up with a plan for our supper that wouldn't involve heat.

Each day since that July morning when I took a ride in an ambulance has been interesting. Some days the earth is steady beneath my feet.

The most recent edition of Buckeye Dairy News was put on the Web last week. When I went to the Ohio Dairy Industry Web site (http://dairy.
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