Friday, July 21, 2017

I work part-time in a clothing consignment shop. I’m used to hearing comments from the dressing room when things don’t fit. Every so often,...

It is no surprise that farming is one of the most dangerous occupations. A number of factors, including noise, heavy machinery, animals, machine parts that rotate, cut and pinch, and long hours all contribute to this fact.

Before launching a paean to spring — surely it is here by now — I must express fervent thanks to readers and friends who took the time and trouble to send me condolences about the Feb. 26 death of my sister, Barbara.

If either you or I get in a high-stakes poker game and we lose our shirts, an absolute certain bet is that the government will not bail us out.

“So tiny, so mighty,” I’ve heard people describe our church choir with those phrases.

Hello from Hazard! Our mailbox was full of hazard-ous guesses this week. There were a few more responses to Item No. 827, confirming what we published...

This morning, the sun is finally shining and the faint sound of chirping birds has been music to the ears. The remnants of...

I have often said that the reason I enjoy being a “columnist,” rather than a “journalist” is that the former can use random numbers like a “jzillion dollars” without remorse, while the latter has to report with accuracy on dull-as-dishwater things like the Gross National Product and how much it costs to fill the pothole in front of your house. (Curiously, about a “jzillion dollars.”)

My recent column about surviving our childhoods of the 1950s and 1960s prompted several letters and comments from people who said they could surely relate to the sentiment!

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