Saturday, July 22, 2017

Despite what psychoanalysts might claim, not everything that is wrong with you is your mother’s fault.

Budgeting helps guide you through your decision-making process as you attempt to commit resources to the most profitable enterprises on the farm.

A simple definition of volatility in the grain markets would be the rate of price change over time.

When a former National Football League player known for his dirty play was asked if he ever “threw” a game — purposely helped the opposing team win — the player replied by stating the obvious.

If you’re like me, it doesn’t take you long to count the number of hay bales you have remaining for this year’s winter feed.

Hello from Hazard! We received two more guesses on item No. 826. Randy Winland concurs that it is, indeed, a “Blue Nose Rug Hooker” and he has one in his collection.

Monitoring herd feed costs is very critical for increasing dairy farm profitability.

Hello from Hazard! Wendell Cole of Lisbon, Ohio; P.R. Miller of Akron; and Ann Thompson of Raleigh, N.C. all responded to Item No. 826, which...

Ah, March. It is a month that has long brought us such a seemingly unending array of weather here in this part of the...

What's up with the farm bill? Why is it taking so long to finalize? Why is the president threatening to veto it?
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