Wednesday, November 25, 2015

There is nothing quite so delightful as a child at play, imagination at full mast, evoking our own childhood past.

Ask any three adults you know, I'm talking even the brilliant, highly educated ones. The ones who can't even match their shoes or tuck in their shirts, they are that smart.

Just as the noisy presidential campaign reached its October crescendo, the biggest, most bitter issue in farm country - Rabobank's bid to buy Omaha's Farm Credit Services of America (FCSA) - skidded to a quiet end.

Growing up, my sister Carol and I turned just about every corner of our parents' 98 acres into our own personal playhouse.

Cookies aren't going away anytime soon since they are firmly baked into our culture. According to one food historian, "[They] mean mother, and milk, and tea.

As the winter feeding period approaches, thoughts of my feeding program come to mind.

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me? Speak for yourself pal. Words, when abused, give me a screaming headache.

Love him or hate him, controversial filmmaker Michael Moore has his self-described "America's biggest slacker" act down pat.

This is going to be a "confessions" column to try to lure all those folks who love or hate working with farm bookkeeping, records and finances into really enjoying themselves at the From Bookkeeper to CFO workshops this fall.

Hearing a television in another room leaves a lot to be desired since the sound was meant to accompany a picture in order to get the full effect.