Thursday, June 30, 2016
Corn planting

"It's all in the timing" and this year, with a planting season that has not been the friendliest, there seems to be a fair split between optimism and pessimism heading into another season.
Pumping gas

Knowing your conversions can save you money, and is good for everyday life.
holding hands

The next time we feel moved to criticize, we would all do well to thank God and Guardian Angels and practice a little gratitude instead.
U.S. Capitol

While American farmers and ranchers were eyeball-deep in spring planting and first-cutting hay, their commodity groups and federal government were knee-deep in narrowly-focused studies.
soil test kit

The Medina Soil and Water Conservation District received a small grant to assist farmers comparing cropfields for carbon dioxide emissions as a direct indicator of soil health.
market chart graphic

The markets have made significant improvement, at least for now.
world in hand

Food miles matter to farmers. Learn 13 ways that farmers can reduce the carbon footprint of food production.
Field sprayer weeds

Chemical companies are making a lot of noise as they consider mergers.
beef cattle on pasture

Soil testing can make a big difference for your pasture growth.
"Knot Worthy" boat

Each spring, the Boat Owners Association of the United States digs deep to learn which are the most popular names for the year.
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