Saturday, January 21, 2017

A budget provides snapshots your farm’s current financial position and its future position. Budgeting takes the fear out of farm finances, and empowers new farmers to create the farm of their dreams.

Nothing but solid ideas for that special person, the same one that has absolutely everything already.

Livestock market analysts are hard-pressed to explain the quick, post-election move upward, but suspect the rallies can't last.

With only a few weeks until Christmas, here are a few suggestions for some less familiar nature-themed holiday gifts.

When entertainment was created, not merely watched.

The feeling and enjoyment that one gets from nature will last much longer than an article of clothing or a box of candy.

Rather than focusing on finding the must-have toy of the season, give gifts with purpose.

The bottom line is that more milk is available for sale than there are buyers, either domestically or internationally.
Corn snow

The problems in the grain markets have to do with weather in the Southern Hemisphere and the price hangover we can’t seem to recover from.

When you know your customer, you can deliver exactly what your customer wants, when and how they want it.
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