Sunday, July 24, 2016
contour strips on Holmes County farm

What soil conservation efforts have you made on your farm recently in order to be a proactive teacher for the next generation of farmers?
1929 Ford 4-AT plane

How would you feel about climbing into a vehicle that was built in 1929 and not only traveling at more than 90 miles per hour, but close to 2,500 feet in the air to boot?
cereal rye spray

Glyphosate does what it's supposed to, in a safe and efficient manner.
Dorset sheep

Doris the Dorset has reached the end of the road. There will be no more surprise visits, looking out the window to see the Dorset sheep wandering up my sidewalk.

Every game has something to teach us. If not, why play?
tractor and field

Writer and journalist Gene Logsdon was the "Contrary Farmer," an Ohio-based "cottage farmer" with 32 acres of trees, garden, a rotating collection of livestock, a patch of corn, and "about 593,455,780 weeds."
David Berg

The list of Ohio record fish continues to change as local fishermen and women challenge current records with a fish of their own.
Fireflies lighting up yard

Summer cookouts and campfires make great memories, so take time to enjoy the experience.
Spreading manure

A question that is becoming increasingly important is: how are the nutrients contained in manure accounted for and managed as that manure is applied back to the land?
truck unloading corn

The Cavs and grain markets have both been entertaining recently.
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