Thursday, June 30, 2016
Brood V cicadas will emerge in May in parts of Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania.

By the end of the month, cicadas will be impossible to miss in parts of Ohio, West Virginia, southwestern Pennsylvania and western Virginia.

Earlier this year, FSA significantly expanded the list of commodities eligible for Farm Storage Facility Loans.
Harrison County SWCD garden

The Harrison Soil and Water Conservation District's community garden has served as a model to educate people about backyard gardening.
U.S. Capitol

As the politics of this election year heat up, the chances of Congress debating — let alone passing — either of the White House’s marque trade deals continue to melt away.
combining soybeans

Traders fell over themselves finding reasons for the differences, but they are hard to explain.
farm equipment collage

Everyone loves shiny, new farm equipment, but it doesn’t always fit the budget. A cost/benefit analysis can help farmers determine if and when a potential equipment purchase pays.
CRISPR mushroom from Yang Lab

Where will CRISPR take us? Answers to this question and others shouldn't solely come from government regulators like USDA, according to columnist Alan Guebert.

Every day, seemingly forever, we are being bombarded with politics, invading our homes and our conscious thought.
fishing rod

In front of every Ohio fisherman is a copy of the 2016 Fishing Regulations (or it should be), so we all need to do our homework.
Farm and Dairy 1926 clipping

“Agriculture is basic and fundamental; without it, there is neither food, fiber nor the hope of continued civilization." Editor Susan Crowell finds inspiration from 1926 speech.
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