Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Hello from Hazard! W. Dave Marshall, of Seaman, Ohio, was quick to tell us what Item No. 1057 was: It’s a clinch cutter, made by...
dairy barn waiting area

Dairy farmers and dairy support businesses you don't even know are feeling challenged right along with you, even if you feel alone.
Wet soybeans

Call your local FSA office to report acreage and report loss.
Closeup of a tick

Ticks are abundant this time of year, and should be taken seriously.

The topic of ethanol use and boat engines is a hot one right now. Here's what's going on from the marine boater's perspective.
UK flag

Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) will remain the key farm income scheme in the UK, even after the Brexit vote.

I don't consider myself terribly old, but more things hurt than they used to.
helping hand

As summer kicks in to high gear, if there is time in your day to pick up a good book, I recommend, Heart In The Right Place, a memoir written by Carolyn Jourdan.
farmers market

SNAP sales at farmers’ markets will continue to climb as an increasing number of markets and direct marketing farms facilitate SNAP purchases.

This metal tool was found in a shed but its owner doesn't know what it is or how it was used. Can you help him figure out this Champion Tool?
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