Saturday, February 25, 2017
2017 goals drawing

Stay focused: Create a simple goal and then ask yourself: Why are we doing this? Editor Susan Crowell shares 5 tips for getting things done.

Though gray foxes are elusive, spotting a wild bobcat is an even greater challenge. However, bobcats are surely more common than most people suspect.

Set long-term goals for improvement by making changes to your daily routines.

The bean has been cultivated since the early seventh millennium B.C. They are an excellent source of fiber and come in many varieties.

Grab that 2017 calendar and a pen. It's an ideal time to begin planning for upcoming sport events.

Columnist Kymberly Foster Seabolt urges readers to have confidence regardless of 2017 resolutions.

Set some practical goals for the health of the soil in your fields and pastures this year.

Over the years communication has become more convenient as technology has changed.

Columnist Alan Guebert breaks down commodity projections for 2017.

How do you know how much hay, grain, and pasture your animals need? A hay test is a great place to start.
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