Monday, February 8, 2016

At times, and never at the right time, the simplest question can stump the smartest person.
New York City

If farming and ranching is really about food, then farmers and ranchers should be at the forefront of New Food, not in the lead ranks of the Old Guard.

Several readers have asked about articles (or the lack of them), so I thought I'd try to grind out some news.
Christmas town

I believe that it's best to always be honest about our shortcomings. My name is Kymberly and I have a Christmas Movie Problem.
deer photo

Over the last 30 years, deer and raccoons have cost me a small fortune. Though I never intentionally feed these backyard visitors, they're difficult to discourage.
toys by Christmas tree

Comparing today's Montgomery Ward Christmas catalog to the Winter 1930-1931 issue.
ocean tide

Sit by a quote screen the last month and the corn chart for the Chicago Board of Trade is like the ocean tide. It ebbs and it flows. Then ebbs some more.
miragreen pea

There are numerous benefits to planning your spring garden now, from getting a head start to having a good-sized early harvest.
tile monitor

FSA Conservation Reserve Program General Sign-up is underway.
Envirothon students testing water

The Envirothon is a hands-on outdoor environmental competition that tests the natural resources knowledge of high school students.
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