Friday, August 18, 2017

The Great Backyard Bird Count celebrates its 20th anniversary next weekend, Feb. 17-20.

A bird feeder is a window into the world of wild bird behavior. It can entertain and educate curious birdwatchers for hours.

With warmer weather on the horizon, now is the time to plan summer getaways. Scott Shalaway has some great suggestions if you want to enjoy wildlife.

Ground feeders are nice to have around because they clean up the seeds other birds kick to the ground.

Right now, wood frogs are frozen solid. The body is rigid, breathing ceases and the heart stops beating. They have perfected the cryogenic freezing process. They are literally "frogsicles."

Birds use a variety of tactics to fight the cold. Scott Shalaway explains the different survival techniques of birds.

Though gray foxes are elusive, spotting a wild bobcat is an even greater challenge. However, bobcats are surely more common than most people suspect.
cardinal in snow

Scott Shalaway first wrote a birdwatcher’s version of Twas the Night Before Christmas back in 1988, and readers responded enthusiastically. Requests come every year to reprint it, so here it is!

With only a few weeks until Christmas, here are a few suggestions for some less familiar nature-themed holiday gifts.

Seeing red-breasted nuthatches is always a treat as they are acrobatic birds that often climb head-first down tree trunks and spiral around branches.
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