Saturday, June 24, 2017

The Social Silo is the new "social face" of the Farm and Dairy.

Rising food prices. Everyone's talking about them. And everyone's pointing fingers of blame.It's the ethanol industry. No, it's the processors. It's the retailers. No,...

Reading between the HSUS lines: "We'll say we'll negotiate with agriculture, but if we don't get our way, we're not going to play nice anymore."

We are in an atmosphere of questioning spending, taxes and finding ways for all levels of government to live within its means. But cutting investments in agricultural R&D, innovation and education is like eating your seed corn -- and next year you'll go hungry.

We'll be hearing lots more about watershed protection and regulation across the country, as states are mandated by the Environmental Protection Agency to establish nutrient standards for water bodies.

You know what our problem is? "We've spent decades trying to distance ourselves from traditional notions of Work," says Dirty Jobs' Mike Rowe.

Farmers need to embrace their new/old role in the food chain, engage with eaters everywhere through outreach and education. We should "own" the food issue.

"A year's plan starts with spring." -- Chinese proverbLike farmers, the Chinese who quote this proverb recognize a good harvest depends on the spring sowing....

Every farmer and every farm needs to have a public relations plan in place -- BEFORE the media come calling.

Fourteen veterans — representing World War II, the Korean Conflict and the Vietnam War — were honored in a special service at this year's Columbiana County Fair.
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