Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Shoemaker says since the weather is warming up, at least temporarily, it's time for a quick review of the scourge of cow udders.

Ernie Oelker writes about replacing Relative Feed Value as a way to value forages.

What happens when cows don't eat the ration that was created for them? Wayne County Extension Agent Tom Noyes explains it all in this week's Dairy Excel column.

Ohio and Pennsylvania milk producers may envy producers in other parts of the country, but be careful what you wish for, advises Ohio State district dairy specialist Dianne Shoemaker.

Rather than making resolutions that leave you with unrealistic expectations, get a dog this New Year's and enjoy the simple things in life.

Columnist Ernie Oelker provides a review of the principles and guidelines relative to livestock vaccinations.

The "right" human resource practices for bad times vary farm to farm, says an Ohio State farm management and labor specialist in this week's Dairy Excel column.

Farm and dairy tax planning is more important in a bad year (or don't let those open accounts increase your taxable income).

It's not rocket science, but it's usually an area that farm managers need to work on: employee relations. Tuscarawas County Agent Chris Zoller offers some easy-to-implement tips to make the job easier.

Ernie Oelker reports on farm research involving liquid dairy manure as a nitrogen source for no-till corn.