Monday, August 21, 2017

I've had a box of tofu on the shelf for several weeks. I put off using it because Mark still remembers the time he tried it in a Japanese restaurant and thought it was weird - big on texture but small on flavor.

No, this isn't about a pregnancy test (that old expression is obsolete, anyway). We gathered on the other side of our creek-that's-only-a-creek-when-it's-good-and-rainy.

When I take a good look at all the stuff I've accumulated at my house that I don't really have room for - things I juggle around, work around, should clean around - I always think, "what could make me believe I needed these things?" Instead of examining my own weaknesses, I'm going to blame our media.

A rap on my kitchen door told me that our neighbor Zoe was outside. She's developed a bold, persistent knock, probably because there is such a delay before one of us answers.

A few weeks ago, my eighth grader casually mentioned that she was one of two representatives from her classroom in the school spelling bee.

It's one vicious circle. Magazines pile up under my furniture and I chide myself for subscribing to them.

Be My Guest (Columnist) I offer this pointed article by Kia Harries in place of my own column with appreciation to her.

Maybe it's laziness, but when I fix on a thought process that requires a quick answer, my focus goes fuzzy.

This paper runs some great articles on a wide variety of topics: nature, science, human interest, history, progress, and of course farm life.

Less than a couple of months away, we'll greet spring in all its fresh (though somewhat muddy) glory.
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