Wednesday, January 18, 2017

If you plan to use a wood stove or fireplace this winter, don’t forget to perform regular maintenance this fall to prepare for the cold months ahead. Proper upkeep, good heating practices and having a plan in place for home and chimney fires improves heating efficiency and safety.

Coyotes are arguably the most vocal of all North American mammals. Learn more about understanding the meaning behind their various vocalizations.

A number of factors can extend the life of your jack o'lantern — color, weight, stem length, skin appearance. Learn more about picking and preserving your halloween pumpkin.

Killing stink bugs indoors can be a chore. Learn more about this quick, clean, safe and cost-efficient way to get rid of them.

Learn to preserve fall leaves by pressing, microwave drying and glycerine treating them.

11 natural methods that will keep your home spider free.

Hayride safety checklist and more.

15 strange methods that work for treating wasp and bee stings.

Practical advice on how to buy birds, set-up a brooder and grow birds to harvest weight

This is not your teacher's pinecone bird feeder.
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