Friday, June 24, 2016
Dickie Bird Farm collage

All farmers talk to non-farming customers, lenders and other people on whom we wish to make a good impression. Here are some tips for effective communication with non-farmers.

Some gardeners rototill their plots every year out of habit or tradition, but should you?
bee on flower

Native bees, among other pollinators, play a vital role in the production of the food we eat and the plants we enjoy. Attract beneficial bees to your garden with these plants.
galvanized steel tub of flowers

A container garden filled with flowers, food or herbs is the gift that keeps on growing. Make one for Mother's Day.

Hardening off plants is simple; it’s the process of adjusting plants to outdoor temperatures after they’ve been started indoors.
orange marigolds

Planting tips and suggested annual flowers to grow this year.
weaning goats; kids with mother

Weaning kids and lambs when they are 60-90 days old is standard procedure for most goat and sheep producers.
rosemary with Ask Jen text

Did you know you can freeze herbs? Here's quick how-to lesson.
bunch of herbs

If you haven’t used many herbs in your cooking before, here’s a guide to pairing herbs with your food.
vegetable transplant collage

Proper preparation, timing and technique help seedlings become healthy and productive plants.
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