Saturday, May 27, 2017

This neighbor came face-to-face with the robbers and complained that they were taking all of his money.

Samuel Young was 40 years old in 1883 when he tackled the arduous task of building an enormous, Victorian-style home.

In the 1800s, starting a homestead took a lot of work and commitment.

When you grow up on a farm, you have a connection to the land like no one else.

Doris the Dorset has earned herself a new name, and she just keeps teaching us all sorts of things whether we want to learn it or not.

Of all the farm animals we had over the years, chickens never made the roster.

One very spry lady once unknowingly taught me where the term “dirt poor” originated.

Back when a tetherball was all it took to entertain.

Back before caller ID, being anonymous was a reality.

Acting fast saved the calf, and impressed the veterinarian.
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