Tuesday, June 27, 2017
large round hay bale in field

Thanks to progress, we have overcome many of the challenges of earlier generations, including polio.
helping hand

As summer kicks in to high gear, if there is time in your day to pick up a good book, I recommend, Heart In The Right Place, a memoir written by Carolyn Jourdan.
Coalwood, West Virginia

Sutherland meets a woman from a small mining town in West Virginia like the one she enjoys reading about in a Homer Hickman novel.
rural farm scene

It seems the idea of going back to our country roots is now in vogue.
Dorset sheep

Doris the Dorset has reached the end of the road. There will be no more surprise visits, looking out the window to see the Dorset sheep wandering up my sidewalk.
kids swim

When Sutherland thinks of her childhood summers she can remember playing in the hay mow, swimming, climbing trees, and spending hours exploring the woods.
bottle feeding lamb

Anyone who has ever fed an orphan lamb or a newborn calf can tell you it is an experience that stays with you.

It was a beautiful day for a road trip, and there was a lamb out there in the world calling my name.

Every day, seemingly forever, we are being bombarded with politics, invading our homes and our conscious thought.
Holstein dairy cattle grazing

The cinema world has long romanticized many things, but none quite so over the top as Hollywood’s take on rugged ranching.
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