Thursday, July 20, 2017
bottle feeding lamb

Anyone who has ever fed an orphan lamb or a newborn calf can tell you it is an experience that stays with you.

It was a beautiful day for a road trip, and there was a lamb out there in the world calling my name.

Every day, seemingly forever, we are being bombarded with politics, invading our homes and our conscious thought.
Holstein dairy cattle grazing

The cinema world has long romanticized many things, but none quite so over the top as Hollywood’s take on rugged ranching.

If one were to look back on a good life being lived, complete with the work, worry and challenges dropped in our path, it can feel as though one has hit a lucky streak when days of bubbling-over happiness land directly on our path.

A look at some laws regarding cattle from around the United States.
cows in milking parlor

Growing up on a dairy farm was fun at times, but it was a whole lot of work, every single day.
path through trees

Blind faith, with a dose of sometimes subtle instinct, is what often determines the opportunities we choose to grab onto and those we let pass by.

Mother Nature sure knows how to play a cruel April Fools' joke. Following a week of sunshine, greening pastures and blooming flowers, rain, snow and howling winds attacked most of Ohio the beginning of April.
Prairie scene

Hard work and dreams of what could be, pushed early Americans to survive.
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