Friday, August 18, 2017
cows in milking parlor

Growing up on a dairy farm was fun at times, but it was a whole lot of work, every single day.
path through trees

Blind faith, with a dose of sometimes subtle instinct, is what often determines the opportunities we choose to grab onto and those we let pass by.

Mother Nature sure knows how to play a cruel April Fools' joke. Following a week of sunshine, greening pastures and blooming flowers, rain, snow and howling winds attacked most of Ohio the beginning of April.
Prairie scene

Hard work and dreams of what could be, pushed early Americans to survive.

The days of the hand-written love letter are numbered. No lovely hand-written love letters will be treasured, kept under lock and key, one day taking you back in time.

There are circumstances that come to shape us, both the paths we choose, and those chosen for us.
newspapers and coffee

Our big old black and white TV was often turned on only briefly in the evening, after the night milking and supper, just in time for the news.

The number of people from far and wide who came to pay their respects to Bob Sutherland, the honor guards, the presentation of the flag, a 21-gun salute, all made up an unforgettable, impressive tribute.
farm silo

With the rebuilding of the Weisberg home after a devastating fire, a Sears Roebuck kit house went up and Goldie tells the family story of the next impressive step on their southern Ohio farm.
house in flood

Part two: Sutherland recounts more of the story of Goldie Weisberg and her family after they escaped Russia and settled in southern Ohio.
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