Sunday, February 19, 2017
Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Reader says people who think Bush is doing the right thing is well over the 54 percent quoted in an article.

Reader says articles need to stop simply pointing fingers at the deer farmers, and instead, talk about the background.

Reader wonders why school district is emphasizing locker rooms, not classrooms, in latest construction round.

Politics rearing its head at United Local School District board meetings.

'Separation between church and state' has been misconstrued, misused and misapplied.

Starling and sparrow traps better answer than poisoning.

Colorectal cancer survivor emphasizes the need for regular screenings.

Farmers, not Burger King, exemplify the real meaning of what's "American," observes this letter writer in response to a recent Alan Guebert column.

Reader wonders whether agriculture will get regulatred out of business.

Reader wants to know why farmers must change their ways as more and more residents move into rural areas.
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