Wednesday, February 22, 2017
Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Columbiana County makes an appeal for support of United Way.

A reader says the legislation Taft plans to support seems a token gesture rather than a plan.

The Mahoning County Farm Bureau.organization director writes about the attack on the Moff family dairy herd and the need to make sure such animal cruelty is not tolerated.

Reader writes to emphasize that Despite all the hype from the state agriculture department on its new large animal facility permitting process, the U.S. EPA is still very much in charge of the waters of Ohio and the CAFOs impacting them.

A Waterford, Ohio, reader presents four resolutions/solutions to allow the United States to move forward with realistic resolution and a straight-forward solution to the devastation of terrorism.

A Mansfield reader comments on what Buckeye Egg could have done with a composting system.

Frank Kostecki of Salem prays to the federal government, as a taxpayer, to use public money to rebuild and to fund the war, but to take no prisoners.

A reader urges the U.S. legislature to "wake up and begin funding more ethanol plants."

A 4-H exhibitor thanks the buyers of her steer who showed such kindness and generosity at a past Canfield Fair.

Patricia Lang of Holmes County Red Cross writes to thank those who contributed to the chapter's annual auction.
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