Monday, June 26, 2017

I don't want to panic anyone but we are almost out of summer. Soon some perky television meteorologist will inform us with malicious glee that the end has come.

The devil is in my house. It came in through a window, like most burglars do, gaining entry to our inner sanctum and stealing my pride without my knowledge or consent.

I live in a creaky old house, sans air conditioning, and am sometimes visited by bats. Better yet, I often choose of my own free will to go camping in an actual tent that involves sleeping ON THE GROUND. Yet, put a hotel room passkey in my hand and suddenly, I’m Princess and the Pea.

My nemesis is small but stealthy. It lurks under the model of health but, in fact, it's a silent slayer of innocent flesh. I am speaking, of course, of the mandolin slicer.

I was not, as a child, what you would have called a "team player." Joining things just wasn't my forte. I did not play softball, volleyball, basketball or field hockey. Imagine my surprise to wake up and find myself a bona fide soccer mom.

Yesterday I got bangs. As any woman knows, this is clearly a cry for help. Unfortunately I was seized by momentary insanity and my...

I’m not from around here.That’s probably why I got a chuckle when our local village’s Facebook status (yes, we are THAT hip) read “If...

I would like to call to order this meeting of the fellow Mean Mothers of America (MMoA). Our first order of business will be to erect a statue (chocolate, of course) to Mark Zuckerberg, Founder of the social networking site, Facebook.

So I just spent maybe eight minutes weeding an area outside my front door and I deeply resent that time as eight minutes of...

I am not "the outdoor type." I made clear early on that Mr. Wonderful, an avid athlete and outdoorsman, had made a poor choice in mates. He did not marry anyone even remotely "self-sufficient" or "outdoorsy."
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