Wednesday, June 28, 2017
Drought-stricken corn

Too often in the markets, a good year comes at someone else's expense.
Corn field

Grain farming is a mixed bag right now. It is hard to get everything we want, because they are in conflict.
wheat field

A career in calling the markets means a career of natural mistakes.
truck unloading corn

The Cavs and grain markets have both been entertaining recently.
market chart graphic

The markets have made significant improvement, at least for now.
combining soybeans

Traders fell over themselves finding reasons for the differences, but they are hard to explain.
loading grain bins

As usual, the results in the market were based more on the spin than the actual numbers.
Corn planting

Farmers are making a lot of progress, at least locally.
Corn planting

Ohio is reported at 27 percent planted on corn, with 17 being the five-year average. That was a big uptick from the 8 percent reported last week, or the 11 percent of last year.
corn harvest

The markets have been a bit under the influence lately, with some unexplained swings.
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