Friday, August 18, 2017
Drought-stricken corn

The upper northeastern corner of Ohio might have good crops, but the rest of the state is struggling.
soybean field

Crop update: There are huge crops once you get out of Ohio and head west.
corn kernels and dollar bills

Despite the stories, almost all Americans, 998 out of every 1,000 in fact, never pay one penny of estate taxes.
sun through corn field

The World Ag Supply and Demand report has been released, and just about everything is negative for prices.
Drought-stricken corn

Crop reports starting to reflect the poor conditions in the eastern Corn Belt, but not by much.
Corn during drought 2012

Spotty rains are not erasing the drought areas on the maps, and worried farmers say that the country may be having a big crop, but it is not happening in their backyard.
Drought-stricken corn

Too often in the markets, a good year comes at someone else's expense.
Corn field

Grain farming is a mixed bag right now. It is hard to get everything we want, because they are in conflict.
wheat field

A career in calling the markets means a career of natural mistakes.
truck unloading corn

The Cavs and grain markets have both been entertaining recently.
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