Saturday, March 25, 2017
Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

truck unloading corn

The outlook for row crop agriculture is not pretty, but imagine how much worse things would be if farmers hadn’t had the vision 25 years ago to build the ethanol industry, says renewable fuel proponent.

Editor: I do not believe the Geauga County Fair Board handled the steer situation in their county in a wise manner. Before this situation in...
Justice scales

Portage County residents share concerns about Ohio's injection wells and control of wastes.

Letter writer says water quality trading amounts to pollution trading.

We can not keep slaughtering an excess of 100,000 horses every year and say this is a necessary evil to dispose of horses. We need to control the breeding of the horses to regain ground in price and value for the horse.

Editor: The old saw “To a thirsty man, water is more valuable than gold” has never been more true than it is today. As a...

A Farm and Dairy reader writes an open letter to Senators Portman and brown about allowing Government agencies to bully animal owners in Ohio
beef cattle on pasture

Reader says we need to preserve mandatory country-of-origin labeling.

Editor: Now that summer has arrived, many horse owners are preparing to buy and install box fans in their barns. Before they buy a box...

Editor:According to an article by Dog Trainer Casey Lomonaco, breeders and rescuers should be equally considered when adopting dogs.Consider this alarming statistic. Every 6...
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