Saturday, February 6, 2016

Reader doesn't remember any Farm and Dairy articles about Hillary Clinton's accomplishments.

Management and environment account for 95 percent of the factors affecting conception rates.

National and county loan rates for 2004 are now available online.

Pa. Gov. Edward G. Rendell's 2004-05 budget includes a boost for several ag line items.

The steer tested positive for 7-hydroxychlorpromazine, commonly known as promazine.

Ohio State Fair dairy showmen disqualified for alleged livestock tampering.

Chefs' interest in locally produced food is increasing, mainly because of the taste.

No action should be taken now or later this spring to eliminate ice in wheat fields.

Anton Pohlmann 'has his hand in nothing,' says Ohio Fresh Eggs owner Don Hershey.

Reader Mary Gibson says corporate farming takes none of the risks and reaps all of the rewards.
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