Friday, February 24, 2017

Top dairy herd managers work with vets and nutritionists, rather than just calling them in when there's a problem.

National guidelines on handling animal waste and odor are changing to reflect the times.

Report is a win for American wheat farmers, calls for reform of Canada's discriminatory grain distribution system.

The third round of Ohio's farmland preservation funding drew applications from 271 farm families.

The apostles and martyrs didn't have the Bible, but reader Kevin Sherlock bets they're "saved" anyway.

Scott Galloway loved to hunt, so he bought a forest. But it soon became much more than a spot for recreation.

Exporting agricultural products won't help feed the world, says reader John Beveridge.

K-Land Holsteins was recognized as the county's top Holstein herd for milk, protein and energy-corrected milk.

Producers should not take the scenic route across their alfalfa fields during harvest, according to Dan Undersander.

Ohio corn growers intend to plant 3.4 million acres this spring, 100,000 acres more than were planted the previous year.
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