Tuesday, January 24, 2017

A mare cries for help. A colt is in danger. A girl responds. Can they save each other or will they die trying?

This year is poinsed to be one of the wettest on record in many states. Most of us are still wondering what the rest of the winter will bring.

Registered voters and concerned citizens of this country are subjected to the outrageous nonsense of presidential primaries.

It's often ignored, but pesticide storage is a big deal.

Experts agree that sheep and goat producers are in a crisis with parasite control and drug resistance.

Ohio auctioneers David Jones of Flushing and Joel Wilson of Batavia entered the hall of fame Jan. 18.

Jan Lyons returns home to offer beef industry insights at Ohio Cattlemen's Association banquet.

The hamburger- and steak-eating public isn't backing away from the table. The mad cow scare seems to have renewed consumer interest in buying beef grown and processed locally.

With only 90 remaining mares, the Kladruby is one of the rarer breeds in the world.

Ohio native takes on role as National Cattleman's Beef Association president.
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