Sunday, January 22, 2017

Hundreds of family farmers will gather in Columbus for Ohio Farmers Union's 70th annual convention.

Youth buyers can win $300 sale vouchers in pre-sale drawing.

Latest situation is the second run-in with ractopamine for one Delaware County family.

Owner and manager bring Mindale Farms to forefront of cattle and horse breeding.

It took a single confirmation of mad cow disease in Washington state to kick the USDA into high gear.

The same family's 2003 champion hog passed post-mortem inspection.

In this week's commentary, Editor Susan Crowell gives her thoughts on the mad cow scare.

USDA will euthanize 450 calves; downers taken out of human food chain.

Case of mad cow futhers humane society's opinion that nonambulatory animals should not be used for human consumption.

Another research breakthrough has been made in the battle against Phytophthora sojae, a disease that can kill soybean plants and cause significant yield losses.
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