Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Animal linked to herd imported from Alberta, Canada, in 2001.

Winter is the time when a beekeeper needs to make plans for next year's honey crops.

What exactly is BSE? Find out here.

Ag economists and beef expert weigh in on how mad cow will change the U.S. beef and grain markets.

In an amendment to Pennsylvania's Right to Farm Act, local governments will be held financially responsible for making laws that don't comply with the state.

Forest ecologist Charles Goebel aims to develop new riparian plantings adapted to the state.

The Ohio Department of Agriculture issued four final permits to install and nine final permits to operate to Ohio Fresh Eggs for the Croton Egg Farm facilities.

Case of mad cow futhers humane society's opinion that nonambulatory animals should not be used for human consumption.

Another research breakthrough has been made in the battle against Phytophthora sojae, a disease that can kill soybean plants and cause significant yield losses.

Under the proposal, agricultural land in cropland, orchards, vineyards and pasture is eligible for the Conservation Security Program.
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