Thursday, July 27, 2017

These Ohio farmers switched from cattle to dogwoods, and are glad they did.

Researcher wants every American hog farm to have a reactor.

Kevin Lee owned a refuse company and ran a beef farm. But what he really wanted was dairy.

Reader says Bush has done better job than Clinton, and can do better than Kerry or Nader.

Bruce and Lisa Rickard of Fox Hollow Farm had no farm background, but dreamed of having a farm.

Republican leaders sue governor's administration over a veto's legality.

More than 1,800 varieties of hostas with shades of greens and whites and yellows, some with leaves as big as elephant ears, are grown by Pete and Jean Ruh at their Geauga County home.

Dairy says concerned citizens group lied about farm and conspired to ruin the operation so it would leave the United States.

Ohio Grain Indemnity Fund financially protects farmers when elevators go bankrupt.

A recent study says in areas with significant agricultural and urban development, the quality of our nation's water resources has degraded by contaminants such as pesticides, nutrients, and gasoline-related compounds.
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