Monday, November 30, 2015

Fly fishing experts and amateurs will also attest that it is an art, sport, craft, philosophy, literature, science and conservation all rolled into one activity.

Pa. farmers have helped push some of the most stringent environmental safeguards in the nation, but a few township officials are imposing their own version of regulations and limitations on agriculture.

The biggest contribution agriculture makes to the U.S. economy and society isn't the availability or abundance of food in this country. Editor Susan Crowell would rather salute farmers across this country because they have put more dollars in your pocket.

The origin of sending Christmas cards began in England.

Crawford County man elected to Pa. Farm Bureau board during the annual meeting, where delegates also approved policies on a wide range of issues.

Artificial reintroduction of wolves and other predators should not only be a concern out West, but right here in Ohio.

Forty-one remaining counties will receive their personalized bronze bells.

Cytek horseshoes are a new style of shoes coming from England.

Minnesota's turkey producers have experiences losses of $15 million per year due to avian pneumovirus.

Money will be in holding beans; spring corn price break expected.