Saturday, November 28, 2015

The USDA presented the Ohio Department of Agriculture with $1.6 million, the first time Ohio will receive funding through the federal Farmland Protection Program.

This year's Farm Science Review, Sept. 17-19, at the Molly Caren Agricultural Center near London, Ohio, featured the obligatory huge combines and track tractors, but it was obvious from a stroll around the grounds, that small is big - and getting bigger.

This year's drought - the latest in a four-year span of sharply lower-than-normal precipitation - might be the mother of all foliage-foiling weather conditions.

The Ohio Department of Agriculture revoked the auctioneer's license of Dennis D. Osburn of Vienna, W.Va., after finding an investigation showed he kept thousands of dollars from an auction that did not belong to him.

Kirstie Dravenstott's 138-pound market Iamb received a new record bid of $51 per pound during the Wayne County Junior Fair Livestock Auction.

Terrorist incidents causes people to recommit to being more vigilant in following safety procedures - even on the farm.

In the past, many horse owners let nonprofessionals attend to their horse's mouth. Now more people recognize the value of equine veterinary dentists for their horse's overall well-being.

Join the Ohio chapter of Singles in Agriculture for some upcoming activities.

Two Morgan's Raid Tours - following the path of Confederate Gen. John Hunt Morgan and his men through Carroll County, Ohio - will bring the events of July 26, 1863, to life.

There's more to Willie Nelson's Farm Aid agenda than just helping "family farmers," as Editor Susan Crowell suggests in her commentary this week.