Tuesday, October 13, 2015

A recent study found college students are suffering more classroom anxiety.

The first thing Ohio Agriculture Director Fred L. Dailey did with the ODA's Livestock Environmental Permitting Program was to revoke Buckeye Egg Farm's operating permits.

Ohio farmers may be concerned over the effects warm, dry conditions are having on their crops, but they should also take note of the impacts heat stress can have on livestock.

Farm Aid tickets are sold out, but you can still head to the annual farm benefit concert with Farm and Dairy.

For some families, curly hair is the predominant genetic characteristic. For this family, however, that trait is 4-H.

The weather causes financial stress for many families, however, it also causes emotional stress and depression.

The parchment of the controversial Vinland Map, possibly the first map of the North American continent, has been dated by scientists.

Lamps and glass items were high sellers at the Copley auction.

Reader says President George Bush's "recess appointment" of controversial Tom Dorr as undersecretary of agriculture for rural development, after the Senate Ag Committee refused to recommend his confirmation to the full Senate can only be termed a vulgar abuse of power.

Other furniture items brought high bids at the summer auction in Salem.