Saturday, April 30, 2016

Despite new soybean varieties, growers still need to monitor soybean cyst nematodes due to resistant varieties becoming ineffective.

A growing season filled with environmental stresses - from a wet spring, to a dry summer, to severe insect infestations - may have an advantage: It puts corn hybrids to the test.

People in the United States have the wrong perspective in more than one way when it comes to material goods.

New to the industry, long-day lighting increases production but not labor hours, according to a dairy scientist.

Don't miss getting your ads or news into Farm and Dairy in coming weeks: The holidays mean early deadlines for two issues.

A new video details how to get the most out of round bale silage technology and feeding.

The Andersons recently broke ground on an addition to its Lordstown, Ohio, bulk fertilizer facility.

The above average rainfall in November has the topsoil in good shape, but the underground needs above average rainfall as the wet springs are not running, according to Edwin R. Copeland, U.S. weather observer.

Ohio's presidential heritage includes a controversial candidate who was given the nickname "Mrs. Satan," Victoria Woodhull.

Get on the planter in August to extend your grazing season and lower winter feed bills.
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