Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Case Farms, one of Ohio's top poultry processors, has been fined nearly $2 million this year for safety violations.
silage in bunker silo

Livestock producers need to take extra care when creating and maintaining stored silage piles to produce quality animal feed and ensure safety.
Melissa Herrera

"Christmas traditions are nearly unbreakable, like a cord that stretches from heart to heart," says Missy Herrera, this week's Dinner Guest. She shares a special family recipe, too.
Pigs resistant to virus

Researchers developed pigs that are resistant to the incurable Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome.
Organic sheep farm

Organic producers, policy leaders and consumers agree the road to creating uniform standards for organic production was not an easy one.
Christmas tree and gifts

Five tips for making it through holiday shopping this year.

Ohio Farm Bureau is losing three-quarters of the revenue that came from Nationwide insurance agents who sold associate memberships.
Beef cows

WTO says Canada could impose $780 million in retaliatory tariffs and Mexico could impose $228 million for damages from unfair country-of-origin meat labeling practices in the U.S.
Green wood.

Being familiar with state firewood laws can help ensure you get what you pay for.
puppy and Christmas tree

Consider the selection process, separation anxiety and potential behavioral problems when thinking about getting a new puppy during the holidays.
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